Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekly Treasures: Spotlight on Passion For Beads

Today I'm featuring a kind individual that I've gotten to know a little bit over the past few weeks.  Passion For Beads is a jewelry artisan specializing in Swarovski cystral designs.  I've purchased both earrings and a bracelet from her and I love them!

I asked Passion For Beads to write up a bio for me and she was happy to oblige:

My name is Sally. I am a Christian crafter and a stay at home mom with two gorgeous boys, 7 and 4 years old! I am originally from Hong Kong, and lived in Canada since 2001. I have been beading for about 7 years.

Passion For Beads is my very first online shop which established in March 2009 and is selling Swarovski crystal beaded jewelry. I enjoy working with Swarovski crystal beads because they are so beautiful and sparkly. I have been trying very hard to add more varieties in my shops and right now there are different styles of bracelets, necklaces, chokers, earrings, brooches and cell phone charms or zipper/purse pulls to choose from. All of my jewelry are perfect for daily wear and for special occasions. I do custom orders too.

A lot of people asked me what inspires me and where do I get the ideas. Oh well, most of the time, my inspiration and ideas come from craft books. I read a lot of craft books, including those from other countries to get ideas. When I find a pattern that I like, I start working with the beads. To create a piece of work can be just a few hours or it can be days! Sometimes it is hard, but I enjoyed the whole process.

I am currently selling on Artfire ( and Madeitmyself ( I am always exploring for new ideas and new styles, so please come and visit my shops often for more additions. You can also find me on Facebook ( and Twitter (

Be sure to check out Passion For Beads when you're looking for new, colorful jewelry!

Until next time,