Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekly Treasures: Love is in the Air!

Okay, so I should start this off by saying I hate Valentine's Day.  I mean really hate it.  I think last year I had a personal Saw marathon and I probably drank.  I don't really remember.  My beef is not that it's a manufactured holiday designed to prey on the sentimentality of consumers...okay well, that's a big part of it.  My other reason for not liking the holiday is the fact that I've only had the opportunity to celebrate it once.  Every other year, I've felt constantly bombarded with messages on television, in the theatres, in every store, at work, etc. that I'm alone and I should be in a relationship.  It's annoying.  People don't want to start dating you this time of year anyway out of fear that you'll expect candy or flowers and some kind of expensive dinner.  Maybe that's a cynical point of view, but I believe it to be the case.  So in the spirit of my less than romantic take on V-Day, I'm featuring treasuries that are more anti-love this week.  Sorry if the title misled you. ;)  Maybe I should change it to "Weekly Treasures: I'm Jealous!"

In order to preserve the treasuries since they may expire before you have time to explore this post, if you click on the image you'll be able to view a larger version of the screenshot.  This will let you know who a seller is and what the name of the product you like is even after the treasury is no longer available on the website.  To be taken to the treasury link on Etsy, click on the text below the photo.


Now, I'm offering two sales during the month of February.  The first is a free worldwide shipping promotion on select items in my Etsy shop.  The second is an Anti-Valentine's Day Sale on Artfire - I promise it's not as bitter as it sounds!  It's just my way of rebelling against putting everything that has a heart on it or red in it on sale this month.  If you purchase any item marked with the word coupon in my shop (including PRIDE jewelry) you can use the coupon code ANTIVDAY to get 40% off!  All of the items on sale feature either black or blue in some way.

Visit ellesbeads's Studio
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Unfortunately ArtFire doesn't allow you to edit coupons to add new listings to the list of "Select Studio Items" on sale so this code will only work on items tagged with the orange coupon banner.

Happy shopping! Are you having any Valentine's Day or February sales? Let us know in the comments!