Monday, February 15, 2010

Pay It Forward - I've Been Given the Sunshine Award!

Thanks to the fabulous Creations with Heart blogger Julie, I've been given the Sunshine Award!  This is another Pay it Forward award which allows the recipient to nominate 12 of their favorite blogs.  In order to keep things fun and mention some people I haven't yet, I'm not going to repeat anyone from my Kreativ Blogger award nominations list.  Just so I can clarify, neither that list nor this list are in any sort of order based on how much I like the blog or how often I read it.  I have a long blog roll of great writers and I'm just featuring some of the ones I think are outstanding.

Note: As I've been writing this I've seen that at least one of my award nominees has already received this award before (quite recently).  If you have, don't feel as if you have to post another 12 blogs just because I give you the award again - and if you want to do it go for it! :)

1. Try Handmade:
This blog features artisans and their products.  It's a very professional looking, attractive blog with stunning photography and fun interviews.  If you like handmade or are curious about it, this is a good one to subscribe to.

This blog is really a directory with a different shop in each post.  I haven't decided for sure, but it's on my short list for an EB Hotlist review.  It's an opportunity to get yourself featured so go ahead and check it out.

Tutorials, handmade finds, and giveaways make this blog a good choice for subscription.

4. NC Triangle Street Team
I'm in this Etsy team and the members are quite creative and talented.  The blog features treasuries with our items and information about where we're going to be selling in person around the state.  It's a must-subscribe for NC lovers of handmade.

If you've seen my fabric flower listings on Etsy, you know how much I LOVE this store in Durham.  They're all about reusing and upcycling and sell artisans the tools they need to do it.  The blog features some great people and ideas that show how eco-friendly art can be a strong positive force in the handmade community and the world.

Kim is truly great gal who really works hard to get unknown or low sales shops exposure and support with the blog, Facebook, Crazy Train Team, VoteHandmade, and our Artfire Guild.  I have an incredible amount of respect for her for how she's assisted others and how she's been so open to helping me.  Her blog has great features on artisans like me who have no or few sales on ArtFire, so be sure to check her out.  She's very open to adding people to her lists of artisans to feature. (*Hint, hint*)

Like one of the other graphic artists I'm fond of, this lady doesn't blog a whole lot.  However her posts often include graphics that you can use for free in your promotional materials.  She's really great about helping other less design-savvy artisans with their graphics.  She also offers services for purchase.

8. Queer Etsy Street Team
As you can see, I've got to plug my awesome teams.  Queer Team has a team shop where members donate items for sale and the proceeds go to charities we select.  On the blog, you'll find artisan features, links to all of our Etsy shops, and links to all of our members' blogs.  It's a great resource for finding us on Etsy and Blogger and getting connected.

Well, this one is obvious.  If you like free stuff, you should subscribe to this blog.  They frequently post handmade giveaways in which you can enter to win gorgeous handmade products (and if you don't win, you might have found a great new shop you want to purchase from).

This mom isn't a crafter but she's always interesting to read.  She's environmentally conscious which is a huge plus in my book.  She's intelligent and opinionated, so you'll probably enjoy reading her whether or not you agree with what she says.

This blog has a feature known as "Covet Tuesday" where products that interest the blogger are featured.  There seems to be quite a range, so they may be good to swing by every now and then.

This chick is an online friend of mine with an up and coming blog.  Features, giveaways, and business tips are regular posts on this blog.  I'm very appreciative of blogs that give readers tips on how to improve their business, blogging, etc. because that's how I've learned virtually everything I know about the subjects.

So that's my list of 12.  It took me a while to write this, but I just want to extend appreciation and thanks to Creations With Heart for finding my blog useful enough to nominate for this award.

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

Until next time,