Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Weekly Treasures: 24 Karat Gold and Queer Team Challenge

I've been included in a beautiful golden orange, citrus-themed treasury this week entitled 24 Karat Gold:

This treasury was created by the Etsians Birch + Bird, vintage sellers with a treasure trove of home interior items in their shop.  Their description of the theme of this treasury put a smile on my face:

The item of mine these ladies included in their treasury was the Orange Glass Seed Bead bangle bracelet I created for the June Queer Etsy Street Team challenge.  As I mentioned last month, we are systematically going through the colors of the rainbow and doing a piece per month in a specific color.  Here's a close up on my June bracelet:

Orange Glass Seed Bead Wrap Around Bracelet

Orange Glass Seed Bead Wrap Around Bracelet $15.00

To see all of the Queer Team challenge items for June, please visit the blog entry here.  For some reason, a challenge treasury has not been created this month, but when one is made (even if I have to do it myself) I will update this post with the gallery!

Have you been in or created a treasury lately?  Leave your link in the comments!

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The Beading Gem said...

Love the colors in this treasury!

Elle said...

Thanks! I'm glad you dropped by!