Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Scrap Exchange in Durham and an EB Update

This weekend I discovered my new favorite store, the Scrap Exchange in Durham, NC.  It was recommended to me by a fabulous tweep (Twitter + peep) that goes by the username BlueCuddlyDes.  I got incredibly lost on the way there (Google Maps is not omniscient and I got the wrong telephone number from Verizon 411 twice before I realized it was on my directions printout). It was definitely worth every wrong turn though.

Essentially, this store is a gold mine for crafters.  They have just about anything and everything you can think of, including vintage magazines circa 1970, rolls and scraps of fabric, ribbons, glass odds and ends, test tubes, old trophies, vinyl records, etc.  The list goes on and on.  I wish I had taken my camera so you all who are unfamiliar with this store could see how it looks, but I only had my cell phone and this one doesn't have a USB cable like my phone that's at the repair shop.  (By the way if you know where I can get a cheap one for a Motorala Two Way, please contact me immediately!)  Anyway, there is a large selection of items in large blue bins including bottle caps and lids, old floppy disks, empty VHS boxes, plastic tubing, old neckties, etc. which you can put into different sized bags.  Each bin is labeled with a bag limit (i.e. 2 scraps of vinyl fabric per bag, 10 lids per bag, etc.).  You fill the bag with as many items as you can cram in there and as long as it still zips closed and you only pay a flat fee.  I purchased a TON of fabric, metal whatchamacallits, glass and plastic boxes, bottle caps, tubes, flowers, painted pinecones, stickers, cards, photos, and other materials for less than $15:

13 in x 8 1/2 in x 5 in bags

 The rest of my finds that weren't eligible for the flat rate bags

So what's the best part about this great find?  Everything in the store (besides a few items like the store labeled t-shirts) was donated by someone else.  That means that it's the perfect place to find supplies for upcycling projects.  You're able to purchase someone else's "trash" and turn it into a brand new treasure.  Check out some of what I crafted this weekend:

 Funky Fabric Flowers coming soon to Etsy!

This shop is going to be a great resource for fulfilling my resolution to create more upcycled crafts this year.  Have you been to the Scrap Exchange or a similar store?  Have you upcycled anything fun or found any great green finds this week?  Post your crafting experiences and fresh finds in the comments!

EB Update: I'm redoing my Etsy shop to focus it on my vintage and other thrift store finds.  I think I am going to focus my funky, modern jewelry in my Artfire shop to give the two shops distinctive character.  Stay tuned for a new look and a new feel that will hopefully revitalize both shops!

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Finding Charm said...

Wow! That sounds so fun. Too bad I'm not in North Carolina. I should try to find a store like that here in Dallas. That blue earring is really pretty. Great job! Sounds like the troubles you had were well worth it in the end.

Elle said...

It really was a fun shopping experience. I must have spent 2 hours in there, lol! I love regular thrift stores but this was the first one I'd been to that was really set up with items for crafters to get creative with. I definitely want to take some donations by too at some point. I have some fabric and beads I'm a bit bored with. It would be awesome if you can find a place like that where you live!

Thank you so much for the complement on the earring. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it! I'm surprised no one before me had snatched it up. If it doesn't sell, I may have to find an outfit for it. ;)

Machele said...

Your stuff is so very cute. I just buy my stuff, you buy and repurpose. I wonder who will be thanked more later on ;)

Elle said...

Thanks! It's really cool what you can find when you look. I've found things at thrift stores, consignment shops - even a yard sale! All it takes is a little imagination. You'll be surprised what you can come up with! :)

KimberlyRies said...

Sounds like a really fun shop! And I love your funky fabric flowers! Very cool!

Elle said...

Thanks!! I don't know if you sew but they're not too difficult to make. The first one I made wasn't so cute, but I've gotten the hang of it now. :) I linked to the tutorial in an older post:

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