Sunday, November 29, 2009

First Video Post including Cyber Monday Details

So yesterday I decided to finish my "Black Friday" shopping by going to both Big Lots and Michaels for their Saturday sales.  Big Lots was insane.  I waited outside for 35-45 minutes and then when the doors opened, a ton of people rushed past my point in the crowd and bought up all of the $25 video cameras.  I couldn't have been more annoyed.  I was one of the three people who were sold a $35 video camera after another 15 minutes, so I will be able to do videos on the blog from now on.  This is the cheap camera I got:

And here's my first video blog for you:

Yes I'm perfectly aware I look like a huge dork in the video.  However, I that's just how and what I am.  I hope you will enjoy the video blog entries in the future!  Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss a single one!

As I mentioned earlier I also went to Michaels.  Check out the pasta machine I bought at 50% off and what I played around with today:


The camera is clearly not as good with still pictures as with video.  What a shame since it has more megapixels than my digital camera.  There's always a good chance the problem is user error though.  Just like with the polymer clay, I'll keep working at it!

11/30/09 is Cyber Monday.  If you use the code EBFREEBIE during checkout, you will receive a free gift from me.  I'm giving away jewelry, mousepads, hats, totes, and all kinds of cool things.  Everything in the shop is also still 25% off.  It was going to go back to 20% off but I've since changed my mind.  Happy Shopping!

Until next time,