Friday, November 20, 2009

And the Auction Results Are...

I donated 5 items to the North Carolina Conservation Network Auction which ended today at 5:00 pm (four pairs of earrings and one beaded keychain charm.  Even without the best photos in the world, three of my five items sold!  As a supporter of NCCN myself through volunteering and online activism, I'm extremely proud that I was able to contribute to their fundraising success.  With both sales and sponsor donations, the auction garnered over $16,000 that will go towards protecting the environment here in North Carolina, from our beaches where a proposed bill may increase damage to the shoreline, to our mountains where vocal opponents of wind energy are stonewalling efforts to move away from dirty coal to clean energy sources.

Other than the great reward of being able to contribute once again to an organization that stands for what I believe in, it was also very encouraging to see that items I donated were selected by bidders as worthy of purchase.  As Elle's Beads is still working towards that first sale, it was reassuring to see that consumers do appreciate the jewelry I make.  Persistence and perseverance are my goals from this point forward!

Here are some new items I added to my shop over the last two days:

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