Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Treats

Okay, so I need to admit a weakness here.  I'm part of the handmade movement with the jewelry I produce and sewing I do, but one time a year I allow myself to go retail crazy and bargain shop in regular stores with the best of them.  I took my teenage cousin with me and we hit up J.C. Penny at 4:15 am and only because I overslept.  Each year that I go shopping on Black Friday I always begin at J.C. Penny for my commemorative snow globe - it's a cute way to remember the madness of the holiday season.  We went to Walgreens (2 different ones - $0.49 paper towels! - go get your coupon!), Rite Aid, Walmart, Old Navy, Michaels, and Big Lots (where she waited with me in the cold in line for 30 minutes).  I think she's earned her stripes now; what a trooper!

Disclaimer: I didn't take this photo. I was too concerned about the towels.

You'd think that's where the shopping ended, but after dropping her off at home and eating breakfast I went to Sears, Belk, and Target with my mother and great aunt to help them carry bags and such.  All in all I think it was a pretty productive day.  Besides my paper towels, I'm most excited about my sterling silver and 14 kt gold earwires that I can use for making hypoallergenic earrings.  I also purchased some polymer clay to work with.  I'll have to remember to go back to Michaels in the morning to get the craft pasta machine at half price and to Big Lots for those $25 digital video camcorders!  I'll be able to make even more charms as well as upload more interesting content for my readers.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!  I know there are going to be long lines!

If you haven't stopped by my ArtFire studio for the Black Friday sale, you're really missing out.  From now until 11/30/09 all of the items in my shop are marked down 25%!  I'm also giving out a special coupon code for those of you who read this blog.  Enter the code EBBLOG for an extra 10% off your entire purchase!

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I hope you enjoy!

Until next time,


mv said...

Wow! What a busy day! It sounds like you had a lot of fun and got a lot of goodies too! Maybe I'll go shopping tomorrow. Maybe. LOL

Elle said...

Haha, yeah it was a lot of fun. I know the madness is not for everyone though.

Speaking of Saturday shopping, it's time to get out the door. :)