Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gay Pride and the Queer Etsy Street Team

Our fearless leader, Michelley Queen of Queens, has written a beautiful article on the Queer Etsy Street Team for Gay Pride Month.  Check out the full article here.  Check out this excerpt which includes a quote from me towards the end:

"Encouraged by the fun we’ve had, earlier this year Queer Team launched a collective shop (queeretsystreetteam) that donates 100% of our proceeds to charity. We are currently fundraising for The Trevor Project, the leading national organization focused on crisis and suicide prevention efforts among LGBTQ youth. Adolescence isn’t easy for anyone, but for LGBTQ kids it can be extremely challenging. Being accessible to other LGBT Etsians, who might otherwise feel isolated, is something the Team is truly proud of. Artisan ellesbeads asserts, “I turned to artistic creation as one way of coping, and it's given me more joy than I could imagine. It also led me to the Queer Team, which gave me a safe place to be myself and enjoy the company of others like me.”

Take the time to peruse the entire article and the photos provided by our team members.  I can be found again right before the comments in the related photos:

This is my first appearance in a Storque article, both in the actual text and in the related items section!  I'm very proud to be a part of this insightful piece on our team.  The Queer Team is a great resource for any LGBTQ Etsian.  For information on how to join, please contact Michelley.

Any feedback on the article?  Post your opinion in the comments here and/or on the Storque blog!

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