Friday, June 25, 2010

EB Friday Hotlist: Etsy Item of the Day

This week I'm going to be talking about Etsy Item of the Day, a blog that features specific products from Etsy sellers for free.  The editor, Jackie, posts a new item each day, giving returning readers fresh content to come back to every time.

What sets this blog apart from some of the others is that each feature is relatively in-depth, delving into the life and aspirations of the artist.  Etsy Item of the Day accepts submissions from Etsy sellers for consideration and in addition to the standard questions about your shop, Jackie asks what other Etsians you like the most, what advice you have for Etsy newbies, and where you see your shop and your craft going next.  The answers to these questions help her structure the feature.

I submitted my shop a short while back and was selected for the Etsy Item of the Day yesterday!  Here's my feature and an example of what you can expect to see when your shop is selected:

As you can see, she incorporates quotes from your submission to provide a thorough feature article.  I feel that Jackie was incredibly kind and professional in her handling of my shop.  Rest assured that if she decides to feature you, it will be an article you can be proud to share with others.

While I was unable to find information showing what kind of traffic the site gets, Jackie does have almost 4,000 Twitter followers alone and shoots out tweets about the artists she features.  This can result in free exposure, so I highly recommend taking the 20-30 minutes to write up responses to the questions and send in your submission.  

(Here's a tip though - make sure to type your answers in a Word document that you save often.  This will prevent you from having to start all over in the event that your browser crashes or you accidentally navigate away from the page!)

Know of any other great blogs that feature handmade artists?  Put a link in the comments!

Until next time,