Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Artist Affair Craft Show

As you know I've been blogging about doing my first craft show this month.  The show was on December 12-13 in Raleigh, NC at a shop called Carolyn's Bead Addiction.  The show was a moderate success for me.  Saturday was the only day we had customers but I ended up making four sales, two of which were multiple pairs of earrings!  One sale I made without even being present.  Another artisan (the one who did the metal work you'll see below) was kind enough to sell a pair of my winter charm earrings while I went to pick up some lunch.  I met a ton of great people out there and we all bonded as we shivered together in the cold for hours and hours.  The weather was, in short, miserable but it really was great fun due to the personalities present.

The second day was very uneventful sales-wise.  The weather was not only cold but rainy, so we stayed indoors for the entire time.  It started out as a really, really depressing day but as we got to talking, crafting, and sharing techniques it became a great networking event.  I learned a bit about wire wrapping and how to make ornaments.  I also got some tips on great places to shop for some of the tools and supplies I need to improve my craft and practice things I'm interested in (such as making and hammering my own earwires).

I didn't take any pictures on the second day, but I did on the first while we were all outside.  This was my booth:

In retrospect I think it may have looked too "busy" but I did receive complements and a couple of sales so I must have gotten something right.  Many thanks to those who emailed and "Facebooked" me with advice.

Now, I took pictures of the other booths both for my information on how to improve my table for next time and to provide some publicity for the awesome artisans I met. Take a look at the pictures and contact information in case you're interested in purchasing something or featuring them yourself.

GLORIAous Designs
Handmade jewelry and accessories
Tanya Bass

Little River Jewelers
Wear a little piece of beautiful

Metal work: necklaces, earrings, and bracelets
I purchased an adorable pair of pink sterling earrings in the shape of breast cancer ribbons from this artisan for my grandmother as a Christmas present.  The short version of the story behind them is that he originally made these earrings as a fundraiser in honor of his friend who had cancer.  She passed away recently and he still sells them in her memory.  The earrings range in price from $8 to $10.

Kathy Morgan

Semi-precious earrings and necklaces
In addition to making jewelry, this seller can bake some of the best bread I've ever had.  She sold loaves of pumpkin bread and cranberry nut bread for $10 a pop.  I purchased a loaf of the cranberry nut bread to bring home for Christmas dinner.  I'm thinking it will be a bit hit!  She does take orders so stay tuned for her contact information if you're into baked goods.

Quality earrings, bracelets, and necklaces

 Large necklaces and earrings
This seller is the only one who didn't have a stack of business cards out for me to take one, so I took a digital picture of her information.  The website on the card appears to be inaccurate so I won't post it, but her email address is if you're interested in finding out more about her work.

Glassstone Studio: pendants, jewelry, ornaments, scarves
Pam and David Smith

This couple make some fabulous items as you'll see in the pictures below:

 These guys were very welcoming and eager to share what they knew.  Their depth of knowledge about jewelry, glasswork, and other crafts is definitely impressive.  Check out their Facebook page here to see their work and order something if you find a piece you love.  If you're an artist, they are more than open to answering questions and giving advice.

Jewelry Craft
Andy Velletri

Metal work, unique earrings and necklaces
 My pictures of Andy's jewelry really don't do it justice:

This guy makes some really beautiful, fancy designs with earrings starting around $15 and necklaces starting around $20.  Had I made a few more sales, I would have purchased something from his booth as well.  If you live in North Carolina, you can take a class from Andy at Carolyn's Bead Addiction.  He's currently teaching wire work and something called "Wig Jig" (don't ask me, I have no idea!).  For more information, check out

Because I made so many items in preparation for the craft show, I have been able to add new listings to my Artfire shop of the jewelry, magnets, and charms that didn't sell.  Be sure to check out my shop at to see the new listings.  I will be running an after Christmas sale, so be sure to hotlist or bookmark the items you like now!

Until next time,