Thursday, December 24, 2009

Mini Magnet Christmas Gifts

As some of you may be experiencing, my economic situation has forced me to give more hugs and fewer gifts this holiday season.  Even so, to show my support for artisan goods as an alternative to mass produced goods, I decided to only give handmade gifts this year.  My mother and my grandmother have been there for me above and beyond this year financially as well as emotionally.  I decided that since my resources are limited right now, I would only give presents to the two of them as a small token of my thanks.  If you've read my previous post, you know that I bought my grandmother some pink sterling earrings in the shape of cancer ribbons.  I'll try to remember to snag a photo of these after she opens them so I can show what they look like.  I don't want to undo my wrapping:

(Handmade gift tag purchased from Connie at

For my mom, I debated over whether I wanted to make Christmas ornaments or magnets.  I didn't have access to the pictures I wanted for the ornaments, so I made her some festive magnets instead:


(Handmade gift tag purchased from Connie at

Think she'll like them?  I named the penguins Penny and Peter.  She's a speech-language pathologist working with children in the school system, requiring her to constantly use her imagination and make up kid-friendly stories, so I think that'll amuse her.

Did you make anything fun for a friend or loved one this Christmas?  Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,