Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekly Treasures: Rainbow and Get Your Pride On

There is an exciting new feature in the new Etsy Treasury, previously known as Treasury East.  Treasury now has search capabilities!  The search allows you to not only type in tags and themes and pull up related treasuries, but you can also type your name in the search bar to see a list of every treasury you've created or in which you've been included.  If you haven't tried it yet, I encourage you to go check it out!  It makes Treasury more manageable and allows you to find treasuries you're in that aren't registering on Craftopolis because the curator didn't click on every listing.

I found several treasuries I didn't know about, and I'm sharing two with you today.  Rainbow was created by lala24ch on Etsy.  Check it out below:

Get Your Pride On is a treasury created by findingsforyou for Gay Pride Month:

The earrings of mine the curators chose for these treasuries are these Rainbow Striped Post Dangles:

Be sure to check out the new search to see what treasuries you're in and feel free to leave a link to one of them in the comments!

Until next time,