Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Weekly BEST: Clever Crafter

I'm very excited to share this week's artisan with you.  Clever Crafter, aka Jenni, hails from Michigan and enjoys everything from quilting, sewing, crocheting, and cross-stitching to beading and scrapbooking.  Her shop is full of fabulous guitar pick and button jewelry, which just so happens to be in a style I personally really enjoy.  I've selected some of my favorites for you to check out below:

Jenni can be found at these places around the web:

Shop 1:
Shop 2:

Be sure to check out her shops, blog, and Twitter and let me know what your favorite piece is from Clever Crafter in the comments!

Until next time,

I'm a part of an Etsy team called Boosting Etsy Shops Team or BEST. The purpose of the group is to provide promotion for each team member through our existing social networking accounts. Each week I'll be doing a blog feature about a different team member.


BB said...

Nice and cute jewelry and super reasonable prices!

Elle said...

Thanks for reading, I'm glad you like her shop!