Monday, April 5, 2010

Two Fun Beaded Ring Tutorials with Fish Beads from SB Supply

I recently received some really fabulous beads with which to experiment and come up with a tutorial for a beaded ring.  You can purchase the striped fish beads I'm using for yourself from SB Supply at

I ended up making two tutorials since the shop owner was generous enough to ship me six beads.  The first one is for a floating ring.

Here's what you'll need:

1. A fish bead from SB Supply
2. Small blue glass beads (around 2 mm)
3. Looped ring
4. Thin beading wire (around 34 gauge)
5. Jewelry pliers
6. Wire cutters

Okay, now for the tutorial.  The first step is to attach the wire to the ring.  Tie a knot around one of the loops and then repeatedly loop the wire around that metal loop and the one next to it.  

Slide the fish bead onto the wire.  Then take the open end of the wire and attach it to the metal loops on the opposite side of the ring.  You'll probably need the pliers to pull the wire through tightly.

As you secure the wire, try to center the bead over the loops.

Take another piece of wire, about 8 inches long, and string your blue glass beads on it.  Make sure one of the ends is knotted (use the pliers) so that the beads don't slide off the end.

Take the string of beads and wrap it around the outside of the loops on the ring.  Use the extra wire on the end and keep wrapping around tightly to secure the strand.

You'll end up with a ring that looks like a fish floating through water.  Cute right?

That ring is a little bit difficult to make without snapping the wire, so experiment with a thicker gauge if you need to.  Alternatively, try this wire-free tutorial below.  This one uses both beads and buttons.

Here's what you'll need:

1. A fish bead from SB Supply
2. A "two hole" button (button that's flat on the back)
3. A flat round ring (I'm using one with a 12 mm pad)
4. E6000 or your favorite adhesive

Now for the instructions.  First, attach the button to the ring with adhesive.  Allow it to dry completely.  I'd leave it for 24 hours.

Then put a SMALL amount of adhesive on the top of the button.  I emphasize small because you're going to take the fish bead and press it into the adhesive, attaching it to the top of the button.  If you put too much adhesive on, it's going to squish out the sides of the bead making your ring a little less polished in appearance.

Once you've attached the bead let it dry - again, I recommend waiting 24 hours to make sure it's completely dry.  Then you've got a really cool beaded button ring!

Mix and match colors, add another button layer before putting on the bead, add extra beads around the edges, do some decorative wire wrapping from the inside of the bead down the sides of the ring - just get creative!  This is a really versatile project that you can adjust to flow with your own creative juices.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!  If you'd like to purchase a fish beaded ring instead of making your own, be sure to visit my shop at  I'm keeping the yellow ring for myself, but I'm putting the other rings up for sale soon!

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Veronica said...

What a neat idea. I just made a set of jewelry and had a few beads left over. Thanks to your tutorial I now know how to make a ring. Thanks again.

Elle said...

You're welcome! Happy creating!

HJC Editor said...

Your tutorial is an awesome inspiration! Many thanks for sharing. I would like to feature your designs at

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