Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Weekly Treasures: Gifts Perfect for Men

Let's face it, the handmade community is made up primarily of women participating in traditionally female-dominated crafts (jewelry making, crocheting, knitting, sewing, etc.).  It's pretty easy for us to focus on making items that are more feminine or "girly" in appearance and appeal and the "pretty" items are often the ones chosen for treasuries and front page features.  However, there are many creative men on the handmade scene and multiple genders who make products designed for them.  Women aren't just shopping for themselves and (some) men do shop.  So where do masculine or unisex items fit into the the world of handmade?  The people who sell them are at a huge advantage when it comes to grabbing the attention of gift givers!  Check out some of these great products I found on Zibbet this week that your favorite guy isn't going to be embarrassed to wear or have around the house:

Have any great unisex or men's oriented items in your shop?  Know of any great places to find some?  Post some links in the comments!

Until next time,