Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Weekly BEST: Inkstrand

Inkstrand is an Etsy shop run by a crafter named Jamila from Portland, Oregon.  A self-described dreamer and jack of all trades, Jamila specializes in pendants, purses, and accessories in this Etsy shop.  Inkstrand takes you back to the Victorian era, meshing aesthetics from that era with elements of nature, science fiction, and fantasy.  Inkstrand is also eco-friendly - Jamila uses a mix of new, recycled, and repurposed materials in her work.  Here are some of my favorites from her shop:

Vintage inspired Light bulb illustration - brass pendant 

Inkstrand can also be found on the web at these locations:

Blog 1:
Blog 2:

What's your favorite item from Inkstrand?  Let me know in the comments!

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I'm a part of an Etsy team called Boosting Etsy Shops Team or BEST. The purpose of the group is to provide promotion for each team member through our existing social networking accounts. Each week I'll be doing a blog feature about a different team member.


Nina said...

These items are so beautiful! Simple yet classic!

Blue & White Wear said...

Lovely jewelry!

Domestic Goddess said...

Love the maple seeds pendant.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for sharing this shop with us - her work is lovely.

Anonymous said...

My favorite piece is the ring in the first photo, but it was hard to choose!

our home to yours said...

what a great shop.

Elle said...

Thank you guys for checking out this fun shop! I am so glad to hear you appreciate her beautiful work!